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Why This Domain Name Company Mails Greeting Cards

FYNE - Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours!
2016 FYNE Holiday Card & Bookmark

We admit that it seems a little funny for a company that sells domain names and touts the importance of online presence to send physical holiday cards in the mail. But it is something we started doing many years ago now, and it stuck.

It is also smart business. Why?

The number of holiday cards on mantles, walls and tables across the U.S. and Canada dwindles each year. That means the companies (and people!) who go against the grain are rewarded with an extra view by the recipient.

Happy Holidays and Thank You from All of Us at FYNE

Due to mailing limitations on addresses outside North America, we regret not being able to share that special connection with all FYNE clients. But – watch, we’re going to tie this in a bow:

That is why we are glad to have our domain name and this blog. Thank you very much for a 2016 that exceeded expectations. Wishing you and your business or professional endeavors all the best in 2017!

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