5 Reasons Why You Should Be Working With A Small Business

You work hard for every dollar you make. So it’s important to get the best value and return for your money. One of the easiest ways to do that is to support a small business and reap the rewards!

FYNE Blog - 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Working With a Small Business

Did you know..?

..all top 5 financial, economic, and quality of service-related reasons to skip the big guys and work with smaller companies? Read on to find out the benefits!

FYNE Blog - Small Business - Customer Service Owner

#1 – Customer Service

Most small business owners are directly involved with the day-to-day operations of their companies. They are often passionate about what they do, and are ready to go above and beyond to meet your needs and make the customer happy. In addition, you are likely to resolve issues more quickly when dealing directly with an owner or operator.

FYNE Blog - Small Business - Bulk Quality

#2 – Small Business Quality

It’s cost-efficient for big box stores and large corporations to deal in bulk. That could mean items are treated for a longer distribution and shelf life. Because small businesses are more likely to sell in smaller quantities, they are able to offer higher-quality products that may be more time sensitive. They also respond to local sales patterns. The selections gobbled up by customers will win shelf space in an effort to bring you back for repeat business.

FYNE Blog - Small Business - Product Diversity

#3 – Diversity

Bigger businesses often come with more red tape. New ideas and/or products may be shelved due to the lengthy processes required to implement them. An employee may have a unique concept, but by the time it filters through the various layers of oversight, someone else may already have implemented it! With a small business, there is more freedom. And, in fact, more motivation to stay on top of the newest trends and be at the forefront of innovation.

FYNE Blog - Small Business - Cost Money

#4 – Cost

Small businesses usually have a limited amount of capital to fund their operations. That can result in the smart small business owner running a tighter ship and making more efficient use of public services. This savings is often passed on to the customer via lower prices for goods and services, in order to remain competitive with larger outlets.

FYNE Blog - Small Business - Stimulate Economy Library

#5 – Local Economy Stimulation

Small businesses tend to be locally owned and operated. This means that a portion of every dollar you spend is going to be invested back into the community. Shopping locally at an independently-owned small business is among the best ways to directly improve your own neighborhood’s economy.

“A rising tide lifts all boats”

Choosing to patronize a smaller company can save you time, money, and all of the other points we’ve raised in this article. One important thing to end on is that small businesses mostly see you first as a person and not as a dollar sign.

FYNE is proud to be a small business which serves many independent, family, and growing companies with domain name services.

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