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Free .US Domain Names for Veterans Day Weekend

This extended Veterans Day weekend, FYNE is offering free .US domain names to recognize and thank veterans, active-duty military members and their families, for their service.

FYNE - Free Domain Names for Vets - Extended Veterans Day Weekend

.US is the official country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United States of America. Until 2002, .US was actually only usable by government agencies, sanctioned quasi-governmental operations and schools. Since then, individuals, businesses, churches, and non-profits have taken ownership of .US to make a patriotic mark on the web.

How Vets & Family Members Get a Free .US Domain Name

  1. Veterans, military members and active-duty families should register a .US domain at FYNE
  2. Then send FYNE any acceptable form of military identification (please redact sensitive information)
  3. FYNE will issue a full refund of the .US domain registration fees

Helping Brave Veterans and Dedicated Family Members Start Businesses

This Veterans Day special spawned from our free offer provided on Memorial Day weekend. FYNE Founder & Managing Member, Chris Byrnes, said:

“This brave, young widow emailed with an idea for a business she expected would send her daughter to college. We helped her choose a creative and memorable domain that suited her new business. I said, ‘We need to do this on Veterans Day, too.'”

Each year, the U.S. Small Business Administration serves over 200,000 veterans, service disabled veterans and military spouses looking to start businesses.

In addition to registering a domain for a more professional email address, business web site or blog, there are other resources available for veterans interested in starting a business. The SBA has a great step-by-step process that walks you from just considering entrepreneurship to writing a business plan, registering the business, making sure to follow any applicable licensing requirements, hiring employees, taxes, and of course marketing – including tips for utilizing the web. Check it out at

The FYNE Veterans Day free .US domain name promotion runs Friday, Nov. 11 through Tuesday, Nov. 15.

Customers can always search for their preferred domain name in over 80 domain extensions, including .US, without obligation at

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