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Top TLDs for March 2016: Winning 25 Domain Extensions

The numbers are out for March 2016, and here are the best-selling new domain extensions across the entire internet (not including the more established .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, etc).

FYNE - Top TLDs for March 2016

First, some highlights:

  • .CLOUD – the modern gTLD for the cloud space and beyond – captured March’s top spot, followed by three technology-driven gTLDs – .TECH, .BIO and .SPACE.
  • Versatile gTLDs follow that pack, with .LIVE in 5th, .ONLINE in 6th, .LINK in 7th and .BEST in 8th places.
  • Wrapping up the top 10, .SRL for Spanish and Italian business owners, and the brandable .CLUB.

Several of the hottest new extensions for the month of March are currently on sale at FYNE, so this is a great opportunity to check the availability of all your names and brands against the latest list of new domain extensions.

Top 25 – March 2016 (Rank | gTLD)

  1. .CLOUD
  2. .TECH
  3. .BIO
  4. .SPACE
  5. .LIVE
  6. .ONLINE
  7. .LINK
  8. .BEST
  9. .SRL
  10. .CLUB
  11. .WORKS
  12. .ROCKS
  13. .XYZ
  14. .WORLD
  16. .LONDON
  17. .LIFE
  18. .WEBSITE
  19. .CLICK
  21. .MEDIA
  22. .COMPANY
  23. .TODAY
  24. .AGENCY
  25. .DESIGN

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