Online Presence Pays Off For Independent Professionals

Your online presence is everything in this tech-saturated world. However, many independent practices and solo practitioners have operated a steady business for years, without training that included domain names and websites. So it may not be instinctive for these professionals to understand why being on the web should be a necessity.

Keep reading, as we illustrate why adding an online presence serves to amplify even an already successful business strategy.

FYNE - Online Presence Important for Independent Professionals

Reason 1: A Place to Refer Your Referrals

When most of your sales come from referrals, incoming leads will want to vet you. This applies to word-of-mouth recommendations from existing customers and formal referral agreements from other businesses. The internet is the default venue to conduct independent research.

A company website is a convenient and cost-effective way to use your online presence to prove you are a legitimate provider.

Given these points, what actionable information can be provided on the web site of a business professional? In short, anything to persuade prospects of your top-quality service.

Example Content for Professional Business Websites

  • Showcase your qualifications, including information regarding licensing, insurance and any special certifications you have.
  • Proudly display your winning reputation with testimonials and reviews posted by satisfied customers.
  • Convey your relevant experience through a visually stunning portfolio of photographs.

Reason 2: Reach New Customers

One of the challenges facing independent professionals is competing with big corporations. They seem to have an endless bank of ideas. Here is one of their secrets: find ways to increase the number of people they reach. An online presence helps you broaden awareness of your services beyond the constraints of your own network.

There is an entire new market waiting out there in cyberspace. What would you do if one city in your area had never heard of you? As a small business, you can never know enough people. Give yourself a fighting chance to be found. Possible customers are searching the web at this moment for specialty services like yours.

Share Your Expertise

The DIY (or do-it-yourself) craze is real. Before coming to you, many future purchasers look online for answers first. However, some members of the help community give bad or uninformed advice. You can capitalize on the phenomenon.

Write an informative blog pertinent to your craft. Your readers will get to solve their problems, and you will be their new professional guru. The next time they need service that requires more work than browsing blogs, your name will be front of mind. They will also share what you write, creating a multiplier effect on how many people your expertise reaches.

Getting Started For Independent Professionals

First of all, building a quality website starts with choosing a domain name that is both memorable and indicative of the service you provide. To learn how, and for the rest of the process, check out steps 2, 3, and 4 in 4 Steps to Starting a Business Online. Then read Do This Before Picking Your Social Media Handle. You are going to be very successful!

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