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How to Pick a Trustworthy and Qualified SEO Firm

For self-employed professionals and small businesses, the search for a reputable SEO firm is arduous. You know you need SEO (search engine optimization) services in order for your target market to find your website amidst the seemingly endless sea of competitors, but when a Google search for SEO throws 537,000,000 results your way, what do you do? It’s overwhelming. Don’t panic, we’ll talk you through it.

FYNE Blog - How to Pick a Trustworthy and Qualified SEO Firm

Every SEO company out there promises to get you on the first page of Google. Here are some tips to help you weed out the weak.

Ask for References from Each SEO Firm

Just like you pour over online reviews before you buy a product, you want to ensure the SEO firm you choose provides the highest quality service to meet your particular needs. Find a company with a proven track record for success by requesting references and case studies to see what they’ve accomplished for other clients. If you’re running a home remodeling business and you find a company that can give you multiple examples of other contractors that delight in the results of their service, then there’s a pretty good chance they’ll also be successful with you.

Get Multiple Bids

In order to win your business, most reputable SEO firms will gladly sit down with you for a free consultation. This is your chance to feel them out. Do your research and be prepared with an arsenal of questions to help pinpoint their area of expertise. Some worthy points to touch on include:

  • What is the firm’s link building method? (Remember, quality rather than quantity of links matters most here).
  • Ask about their techniques. Make sure they don’t employ “black hat” SEO practices as these can get you banned from Google.
  • How often do they provide reports on what exactly they’ve done to your website?

Request a proposal outlining their services and pricing. After you’re done with them, go out and get a few more so you have a base for comparison.

Domains as an SEO Tool

Did you know that your domain name also impacts your visibility and ranking in search engine results? It is the groundwork for your brand and the means by which your clients will identify and remember the online aspect of your business. Check out our primer on SEO basics for domains. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the strategic link between search engine optimization and your domain name choice.

Contact us anytime for more information on how our domain services can positively impact your SEO.

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