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Chop Your Competition: 7 Uses for .NINJA Domain Names

It’s time to act like a ninja and be the grandmaster of your domain! But really, why a .NINJA domain name? Well, we counted 21,000 ninja references in LinkedIn profiles and 256,000 ninja references in Twitter profiles. There can’t be that many traditional ninjas – people are getting creative, and now you can too. Check out these 7 one-of-a-kind ways to use a .NINJA domain from FYNE!

FYNE - 7 Ways to Use .NINJA Domain Names

1. Books

Most writers these days have websites. They’re a great way to get the word out about your books and your writing. Are you writing about characters with some amazing martial arts skills? Why not get a .ninja URL to match your book’s theme?

2. Movies and TV Shows

Like books, visual mediums need advertising, too. Choosing a .NINJA domain for your movie or TV show’s web site would definitely make it memorable. Also, fan sites can be just as important for interacting with passionate and loyal followers.

3. Podcasts

Did you know that the official email address for the acclaimed podcast Hello from the Magic Tavern is The podcast isn’t remotely about puppies or puppy supplies, either. This weird choice helped the podcast stand out from the crowd (hey – sometimes weird is good!). Because it was so strange, people online were actually discussing.. an email address and the podcast that created it. What an interesting way to also make sure listeners retain information.

4. Skills

While ninjas are most commonly masters of martial arts, colloquially a ninja can also be a master of anything. Are you a dance ninja? A wedding planning ninja? A ninja with the Ninja cooking system? Whatever you’re a ninja of, this domain name can help you show off your abilities.

5. Video Games

Are you an excellent gamer? Maybe one who reviews games? Or perhaps you’re a game developer. Are you launching your first ninja-based game? A .ninja domain is perfect for showing off your product or yourself in any of these scenarios.

6. YouTube

Many YouTubers have their own websites. You don’t need a Dojo to teach martial arts to people. If you have a passion for it, why not start a YouTube channel and expand your brand on an associated web site? You could be!

7. Word Play

There’s a popular digital trend right now that’s all about having fun with your URL. How can you separate yourself from the noise with a .NINJA domain?,, and so many more!

By the way, all of the .ninja URLs mentioned in this post are available now for only $29 at FYNE. Or, find your own name – throw some shuriken at the search box and see what you can come up with!

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