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Top 7 Ways to Use .TIPS Domain Names

Looking for a unique domain that captures the spirit of your knowledge sharing website? Look no further! .TIPS domains are exactly what you need.

Check out these 7 great ways to use a .TIPS domain.

FYNE - 7 Ways to Use .TIPS Domain Names

1. Information Sites

A .TIPS domain is an exciting new option for tutorial, “life hack”, and knowledge share websites. Whether it’s tips for a new mom, gamer hacks, DIY landscaping, or cooking tutorial videos, a .TIPS domain lets your customers know they’re about to learn something new.

2. Advice Blogs

Dear Abby, what domain should I use? Why, .TIPS of course!

3. Customer Service

Set up the customer service portion of your website with a .TIPS domain. Host FAQs, instruction PDFs, and tutorial product set-up videos. This is great for small business without the manpower for a 24/7 in-person customer service position, and big businesses who don’t want to get bogged down with the same FAQ 100 times a day!

4. Forums

Create a safe space for your customers to share stories and information. A .TIPS domain encourages a sharing of ideas and product knowledge. Maybe they even know something you don’t!

5. Specialty Marketing

Hosting a unique campaign or announcing a new promotion? A .TIPS domain is an easy way to separate your promotion from the rest of your website.

6. Law Enforcement and News Stations

Set up an easy to remember website for anonymous tips. Use a .TIPS domain to get information on a specific case or project, and set one up for local stations to encourage community policing.

7. Fish Hooks to a Main Site

Set up a .TIPS domain with some teaser advice and information that leads potential customer to your product or service based website. Reel ’em in!

.TIPS Tip: Take the Next Step

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