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Can You REALLY Use .buzz to Generate Buzz for Your Blog?

If we may answer our own question, yes, you really can. And .buzz is both appropriate for, and appealing in, a bunch of other circumstances, too. [Admit it, you knew this graphic was coming.]

FYNE - Use .buzz to Generate Buzz for Your Blog and More

The Brief Buzz on .buzz

The .buzz domain, headed by “self-described Arkansas born and bred country boy” Bill Doshier’s dotStrategy and launched in 2014, has seen steady growth because of its obvious meaning and moderate price point. “Buzz” conveys a feeling of being newsworthy, exciting, active, must-read. Here are some fun ways FYNE® customers are finding immediate response by their target audiences with .buzz.

1. Gossip Site

What’s the buzz around town? Everyone loves juicy tidbits about celebrities and entertainers. Share your insider info with the world! .buzz domains are in the know.

2. School Sports Teams

Is your school team mascot a bee or a wasp? Wow, this is perfect for you! But even if your mascot is a wolverine or titan, you know everyone wants the latest buzz on stats, games, fundraising and more.

3. New Product Release Teaser

Product marketing managers will love this one. Looking to generate buzz for an upcoming product release? A dedicated site or landing page with a .buzz domain will set your product apart from the competition.

4. Jokes and Memes

A .buzz domain is a fun way to present a joke or meme site. You can even incorporate a fun bee icon on your original memes to help bring people to your site!

5. Local Food and Gift Small Businesses

Does your local farmers’ market business feature honey? The .buzz domain was tailor-made for you! Honey BBQ sauces, soaps, sweet breads and pastries, or local, sticky, delicious honey in its purest form. Show it off and generate a buzzzzzz.

6. Tumblr Accounts

Want a fun, easy link to your tumblr account? .buzz is a unique and memorable way to make your account event more personal.

7. Life Hack Sites

We’re all busy buzzy bees and need a little help making things easier now and then. Host your tips, tricks, and life hack website with a .buzz domain and tell us worker bees how to relax!

FYNE: The Place for Domains

Because .buzz is so new, there are a shocking number of incredible domains still available. Search your name, business name, brand, or favorite keyword at FYNE® now, with no obligation. Don’t forget your free FYNE® Strategy Session can help you select the most suitable domain name selection so you can excel.

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