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Open Your .Gallery: 8 Imaginative Uses for a .Gallery Domain

Picking a domain name used to be so simple it was complicated. Your choices included .com, .net, or .org. Pan’s Art Gallery and Pan’s Taco Truck had to win the race for The URL waters are getting more colorful by the day. An exciting new option you have is .gallery. A .GALLERY domain works just like any other type of domain, with the added advantage of conveying your creativity merely by its use.
FYNE - 8 Imaginative Uses for .Gallery Domains

Generate Buzz with Your .Gallery Domain

Artist and designer FYNE® clients have experienced success with .gallery.

Pam Puwolski is a water media artist and signature member of the Watercolor Society of Alabama. She told me a story about .gallery being discussed at her last showing.

An attendee asked if the web site address on her business card was real, because they had never seen something like before. She explained that yes, it was her web site.

Everyone told her it was so unique and so cool. You better believe her web site traffic was a little higher that night.

Check out these 8 versatile ways you can use a .gallery domain name to separate yourself from the common!

Photography/Art Work  Portfolio

A .gallery domain is perfect for the professional or amateur artist. Whether you’re a photographer, pet portraitist, or furniture designer, present your work with a memorable .gallery domain.

Customer Photos

Your customers are always sending you fun and fantastic photos of your products in use. What’s the best way to display them? Create a photo posting page with a .gallery domain to encourage photo sharing within your customer community.

Graphic Designer Portfolio

Don’t get stuck with the long, boring URL given to you by your Carbonmade, Behance, deviantART, PortfolioBox, Crevado, Portfoliopen, or Coroflot portfolio hosting site!

Your .gallery domain stands out from the crowd with potential clients.

You can still use these familiar hosting services, just personalize your web address.

Many will let you configure a custom domain inside their control panels.

However, if they don’t, take advantage of FYNE® Domain Forwarding to direct customers from your new domain name to your portfolio.

Art Galleries

Make a statement as bold as the artists you represent, sell and showcase with a .gallery domain.

Musicians Gallery

Are you a musician hidden away in the gallery of the theater? Want to share trade secrets or create a space for other musicians to chat and share stories?

Creating a web site with a .gallery domain is a special way to let insiders in on the action.

Celebrate Your Family Achievements

Do you want to show off your kids’ artwork or share family photos, but are uncomfortable posting about young children on social media?

Create a safe, secure .gallery site that you only share with friends and family.

Modeling or Acting Headshots

Post modeling or acting headshots on a .gallery domain so casting directors can easily find your work. This is a great place to post your sizzle reel as well.

Fan Sites

Want to create a place where all Ryan Gosling fans can post their favorite photos, even ones they took themselves? is currently available – get to it!

Celebrate your favorite celebrities, TV shows, games, or films by creating a site with a .gallery domain.

Get Going With Your .Gallery

Find your .gallery domain by searching here (no obligation).

Have some questions or want to talk first?

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