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Why We Love .XYZ (And You Should, Too!)

Did you know that .xyz is the most popular new domain extension in the world? And it’s not just first-time web sites that are adopting it. Existing businesses are choosing to re-brand under the domain name. Perhaps it’s because .xyz is the first top-level domain (TLD) to specifically target Generations X, Y, and Z, a demographic that moves mountains on the Internet.

FYNE Blog - Why We Love .XYZ (And You Should, Too!)

You will love .XYZ, because it is..

  1. Generic
    Being generic can’t really be the first advantage of this list, can it? Well, in this case, not having the constraints of a certain word or country is the appeal.
  2. Popular
    Creators of this domain extension sought to start a community of domain owners, leading to a lot of websites shared.
  3. Flexible
    This versatile TLD fits any industry or purpose. Freshen up familiar products or link a blog – it all works.
  4. Affordable
    With some domain registries hiking rates this year, .xyz is the perfect choice for start-ups and those on a tight budget.
  5. Available
    Many domainers admit that the best .com’s are probably already taken. .XYZ, on the other hand, is newer and has room for expansion.
  6. Quirky
    Breaking from the domain name norms can help you to be different (a very good thing to be).
  7. Memorable
    One beauty of this domain extension is its relationship to the alphabet (read why Google agrees).

Whether you’re marketing goods and services or yourself, most experts acknowledge you must find a way to stand out from the crowd. Register a domain now and take advantage of the following of .XYZ, which is setting the TLD standard in connecting to new audiences.

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